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I love so much your fantastic world !
Nathalie Dupouey, France


I feel honored to have my work in your site because that is where real and talented artists is. It’s really honorable to have my work there
Alyssa Agas, Phillipines


Monique, I’m very glad to have my works in your site. I always read you interesting posts, music and specially your poems, which are beautiful, but any way sad, because the poet is a beautiful, bright and intelligent girl interested in art who brings us daily art news.
I love all you post, incredible, we have similar taste.I was very honored when you posted my work and story in Monique´s Passions. I was proud of myself. Thank you  a million times, you made me very happy. I love your smile and your sad poems.
Nona Rostagno, Brasil


Thanks Monique once again. It’s simply awesome…..I simply appriciate your choice and point of views a lot.I am great fan of Art & Literature.You seems to be great inspiration for us. Keep posting.Love you…..
Pradip Balsaraf, India


Verdadeira e sentida a paixão pela Arte!…
genuine and heartfelt passion from art
I feel it
Rosa Lapinha, Portugal


You are doing greatest job for all artists around the world,you unite them in a big Art family.This union of artists will save the world …as Dostoevskij said “Beauty will save the world!” Your beautiful soul are so magnetic,so amazingly creative that all of us magnified and inspired by you.Monique,your poetry is so sensual,your art is gentle,your gallery are full of sun and wormth.Love your passions,love your creative self.Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
Ella Sarkysian, USA


Monique, many thanks for the art you bring in my life
Gilles Faguet, France


This website has very well thought out content and insight into the “art condition” of the world today. Monique is setting an excellent standard.
David Morton, USA


Few people dedicate themselves to their passion as much as Monique Lucy Weberink does, and not only this but she is eager to share in such a generous way… She has created several websites on which artists can show their art to the world at large, and the professionnalism of the design , added to the quality of the services make those places on the internet a unique place. A place of quiet and determined harmony, smooth, rich and welcoming. All this is due to Monique’s personality, a most giving nature, which must not make us forget about her own talent as a poetess and digital painter, both original and striking.
Jeff Roland, France


“I am truly honoured to know Monique Lucy Weberink;
It is amazing how she can direct such brilliant feast of colours and artistic worlds in one and all beautiful unforgettable experience.
As I currently showing some of my art works at her site,I can say now-
I am impressed by the high level of professionalism , the understanding of the various subjects, by the brilliant articles about world-known artists and the high concept of the visual style presented in her online magazine;
Visiting the online magazine of Monique is like entering other world of art & fairy tale realm where all is build by wonderful creative energy and the positive power of love!”
Keep up the good work ,Monique and congratulations!

Ivan Alexiev, Bulgaria


“Enjoy your web page, as I do daily, is always an unforgettable experience. A whisper of fresh air invades one’s environment and the beauty fills the vision immediately. The Art here, in your particular and personal paradise, imposes an indelible mark on the feeling and joy in the heart, and transcends the borders of reality. Thank you dear Monique.”
Víctor M. Alonso, Canary Islands


..All the roads take us to…the island of Passions…the Monique’s Island of Passions…
And I say an island, because she has come so beautifuly out of the Net Jungle out there…to rise like a lighthouse in her island of Art & Poetry…Music & Literature…showing us the way of living our Passions…
This website has a beautiful layout & design like oases
full of very well thought out content, to quash our thirsty of Art, Poetry…Music & Literature…
All this shows that Monique is a very creative Artist & Poet.
Her conceptual Art is so wellcome and her Poetry is so lyrical
full pack of emotions and free flow form…
And all these are served in a such friendly mode and with a smile that brights our day…
Thank you Monique for publishing my little poem here and beyond that thank you for all the Beauty & Poetry you bring to our lives here…

Bert Paza, Albania


I am really speechless towards your fruitful works…in your passions….the beautiful art galleries you owe….M proud to be one of your member in it…. The innate & real ideas i vision in your creation…its amazing….i adore….! Thanking you always….as you remain a wonderful person with great autonomy…Keep up.:)

Alifya Daruwala, India.


Beautiful, poetic, passionate, inspirational – those are the first words that come into my mind when I think Moniques Passions. I feel very happy to be able to share my art at this fantastic website.
Outi Debnam, Finland


“Monique has a great soul, she believes in the power of art even beyond, that one can believe. So at the end, she used to finish in her mind all if our artworks. Her work is generous and full of empathy”

Rodrigo Banus, Argentina


You’re such a pretty and lovely woman, sensitive and caring. It speaks for itself in your choices regarding poetry, paintings, drawings and music. Just to name a few passions of this refined lady in spirit, body and soul. As a lot of art lovers around the world, we see and read almost everyday this woman (funny enough, I feel – and see her – more like a girl, yes, a dreamy and lovely girl from Bruegel or De Hooch times) who take her time and word to bring us a real tour de force, a site which shows us all kind of symbolic visions, dreams, senses through the fine arts we use to follow and to admire. Sure, she comes from this very place who gave us Bosch and Vermeer! It (Art) runs in the blood of this people… Can’t you see the scarf around her neck and head? Careful, suddenly you may end up before a stunning image from a distant, almost forgotten painter from another century, say, 19th or 18th. It doesn’t matter, time doesn’t matter now. Once this painting she picked up for you beats your eyes, a mix of emotions and vibrations will define what’s all about. Art it is. And this strange feeling travelling through your spine down your feet and up to your neck get together with a goal, pontual and full of energy: awakening your senses, get them free to discover what’s there behind and deep inside a piece of art. Once you got stunned by a verse composed long ago by a poet you never knew, let it flow. Sorry to say, you are closed in a house with no doors, outdoors, living inside your mind and dreams. Too late, caught by a feminine view, I mean, from a heart of a woman. No way, you’ll stay there under her circunstances. It’s up to you to find (or not) some sign, sense, symbol, meaning. Ok, just let it go… imagine yourself inside a world of hidden passions (now exposed wildly) which takes you by assault, no pleases or excuses. It’s Art, my friend. No need to talking, true. But we insist… the silent between all these paintings, poetry, music, drawings and our speech is the space for the inconscient mind to work, to run free. I’m always surprised, Gott sei Dank! As wrote once Mallarmé,
“Le vif oeil dont tu regardes
Jusques à leur contenu
Me sépare de mes hardes
Et comme un dieu je vais nu”.
Who’s seeing, who’s being seen? It’s my pleasure and gladness to be able to share with you such passion, dear friend. Artful and subtle, you conquer who dares to follow you. Lightly and colourful. May you road and life go far away, to distant shores and cities, minds and hearts. May your Art find no boundaries. Long life Queen!

Marcelo Joazeiro, Brazil


“Sono felice di essere qui con te e di poter continuare ad apprezzare i tuoi lavori e tutto cio que posti…
Ho un’amica artista, e scoppio letteralmente di orgoglio! ”
Rosamaria, Italy


hi Monique…i was just looking thru your profile…you have done fine things here…it is beautiful to meet someone who shines her light for all to see…for to others…footprints…leading away from the dark woods…into the brightness of the sun…explosions and waterfalls…expanding and re-creating reality…one footprint at a time…….keep doing what your doing Monique….it makes a difference….

John, USA


Things that are in tune vibrate together and a beautiful heart like yours attract only likes and birds of the feather flock together,congratulations Moniques for the all you have done !!!

Nordine  Zahra, UK


Your poems, music and art posted on your sites are beautiful and elevating the human soul.

Lana Moorey, USA


I feel so very fortunate to have found your pages.
Thank you for making every day a bit more beautiful:). You are an inspiration.

Jelena Sobot Djordjevic, USA


Your site is amazing!

Svetoslav Stoyanov, London ,UK


“In our Postmodern World characterized by simulacrum, virtuality, selfies, castrated brains, and facade, “The Passions of Monique” is the best aphrodisiac to make us think with Art!”

Kaph-Elai, Albania 🇦🇱