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Let me sleep
Leave me be

Let my eyes close
Leave my soul to fade away, forever more

Let me rest in peace
Leave my blood to freeze

Let me travel to the unknown
Leave the body; it’s just flesh and bone

Let my spirit wander in darkness
Leave memories of past in fondness

Burn this coffin, for I am not there
This burden is not for you to bear

Do not lament or shed tears
When serenity comes, I will be near

When you are lonely in silence of night
I will embrace you with all of my might

I will finally be at peace, no pain
How I will miss you, my tears will come with the rain

I am the air and the fog
Take a deep breath, I will feel your heart call

You are not alone, this you must remember
I will always remain, like a dying fire’s ember

In a place of tranquility. Taken away too soon (?)
Do not fear what is in store, what the future holds, do not feel gloom

Night falls again, I walk in the obscure
Never ending love / forever pure

In Memoria M.T.A

William (Chili) Gonzalez

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