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Unexpectedly two worlds collide

One look and theres a bridge

‘The strongest heartbeat

Suddenly felt in no time

Wouldn’t it be enough

that you’ll never be hurt anymore

Your eyes are revealing you

screaming words of love

Both fervently wishing

may it be in north or south

It will always end with you

and I’ll always end in your arms

I want to hear those words

those words that your eyes

are shouting to mine

And as your fortress

I will be the one to save you

We are always asking

where we’ll be going;

Barefooted and dazzled, to you

I’m brought by destiny’s storm

Why don’t you tell me

All you want to; don’t let the wind

carry those long waited words

I’m always beside you to listen.

Alyssa V. Agas

Painting Ivan Aivazovsky

A Strong Wind

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