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wanting to confirm


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Yes I do, no I don’t
This is driving me insane
What is and what is not true
Recently anchored on this chain

This chain of metal
One made of heavy steel
But it wont have time to settle
No longer matters what I feel

When I stare into your glares
Emotions start to flow
Overloaded internal affairs
Released from their escrow

It is you that I adore
Taken control of my every nerve
I never felt like that before
Your stunning beauty I observe

I no longer have control
A desperate urge to kiss you
Two melting to become whole
Strangely that is not what I do

I can not move anymore
My body frozen like a statue
my great love that I adore
Cold feet is the blocking issue

I rather keep my distance
Watching from behind a screen
Not moving for an instance
Just a few feet in between

Lucky me, yes that is true
Its you I loved all my life
Now I know for sure its you
Forever one as husband and wife

Monique Weberink

Edvard Munch

The Kiss

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