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Media Kit, October 2016


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Who is

Moniqs is an online Art and Culture magazine. Since its launch in 2011 it has seen its traffic grow and has evolved into an art ezine website with already thousands of passionate users.

We have made it our mission to provide something beautiful to our reading. a daily distraction from everydays stress and worries. We share info about artists and their art, designs and creations, the great thinkers, writers and poetry as it’s intended to be, but also share nice music now and then and anything else that relates to art that stimulates our senses. A little piece of art to enjoy the beauty that exists every day!

Why should you advertise on

Want to reach a niche community of Art Lovers?

If you have a service or a product that appeals to my audience then please read on.

The visitors on Moniqs are highly targeted, and arrive mainly via browser bookmarks, targeted search engine queries, social media interactions, and highly relevant inbound links. In short, our website is uniquely positioned to offer an audience that is receptive to your advertising message.

I am only interested in advertising that makes sense for Moniqs readers. Meaning only products or services they might actually want.

I give precedence to small businesses and individuals. Think artist that want to promote their works, writers, gallery’s, but also writing or poetry classes, relevant ebooks… You get the idea.

Reader Profile

We have a very engaged group of readers, which you will also see by reading some of the overall relatively long comments we continuously get. We can deliver affluence, influence and engagement.

Monthly Page Views: 18.600
Monthly Unique Visitors:
Monthly Impressions:
Monthly Sessions: 22.0681 year traffic growth x%
Avg time on site 2.45 min
Returning visitors 30%
Facebook 13.810 LikesLinkedIN 39.000 FollowersSOCIAL MEDIA
Email Newsletter Subscribers: 463 …and growing fast.
Number of Facebook Groups: 7
Number of Facebook pages: 29
Facebook Group Members: 100.000 members
Twitter: 1230
Google plus 150

These demographics info was sourced via the respective social media platforms, onsite surveys and Google Analytics and Quantcast.

Male/Female 46%/54%
Average Age 42
Average HHI*
University graduate: 65%
Internet Access from Laptop/Tablet
Shop Online
Internet Access from Smartphone*
Mobile Purchases via Smartphone/Mobile device

What options do we offer you to advertise

We offer several advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach this valuable, targeted audience.

  1. You can place your ad in the left sidebar on the home page.
  2. Place an ad in the left sidebar on one of the article pages.
  3. Social media promotion where we send out a message

If you would like to promote your company or service to a highly targeted audience, please do not hesitate to contact me

Social Media Promotion

Additionally for a small extra fee I will also add a line in one of my posts at the beginning of the month announcing your sponsorship and do a tweet and post in my facebook group that reach my more than 3,300 followers about your sponsorship. This increases your visibility and helps you reach my 465 email subscribers, who don’t necessarily click over to the website.

How many sets of eyes might you reach?

Moniqs gets about 10,000 page views each month, 4,000 unique visitors, 464 subscribers. And 100.000 followers across a network of Art Facebook groups. That may not be a huge audience, but it’s a fast growing niche readership and my group of readers is very loyal.

Prices are listed as fixed prices.

Ad unit Dimensions Pricing Rate
Leaderboard 728×90 Monthly flat rate $65
Medium Rectangle 300×250 Monthly flat rate $45
Social Media Pack 300×600 Recurring flat rate $125

Getting Started

If you’re interested to advertise on my site (or have another advertising proposal) contact me by email. Or directly place your order and get your add online today here: Advertise with us


Download our Mediakit for full information.

You can also look at the live traffic statistics below.

User Comments

“Monique, I’m very glad to have my works in your site. I always read you interesting posts, music and specially your poems, which are beautiful, but anyway sad, because the poet is a beautiful, bright and intelligent girl interested in art who brings us daily art news.”

“I love all you post, incredible, we have similar taste.I was very honored when you posted my work and story in Monique´s Passions. I was proud of myself. Thank you  a million times, you made me very happy. I love your smile and your sad poems.”

“Thanks Monique once again. It’s simply awesome…I simply appriciate your choice and point of views a lot.I am great fan of Art & Literature.You seems to be great inspiration for us. Keep posting.Love you…”

“You are doing greatest job for all artists around the world,you unite them in a big Art family.This union of artists will save the world …as Dostoevskij said “Beauty will save the world!” Your beautiful soul are so magnetic,so amazingly creative that all of us magnified and inspired by you.Monique,your poetry is so sensual,your art is gentle,your gallery are full of sun and wormth.Love your passions,love your creative self.Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.”

“This website has very well thought out content and insight into the “art condition” of the world today. Monique is setting an excellent standard.”

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